Established November 2007
30 Meter Digital Group (30MDG)
WELCOME  - to a Group, dedicated to 30 Meter digital activity on this unique HF band!   All licensed Hams and SWLs worldwide are welcome to join.  

General Information and Purpose:

Our goal is to promote the use of digital modes on the 30 meter band and awareness on how great this band is - plus
provide place for like minded operators with the same interests.  

We will promote awareness of this unique HF band where many have called 'the best kept secret' in Ham Radio and encourage good
digital operating practices, the use of different digital modes, experimenting, known weekly or monthly activities, skeds/spots,
antennas, propagation for 30 meters.  

There is no HF band  in our minds, better to support and promote, than 30 meters - which in the U.S. is the only LOW POWER,
Digital ONLY, and NO CONTEST band. (note: this is a WARC band so we do not promote contests on 30 meters - this
group/members would NOT participate if this idea is ever suggested - again NO CONTESTS but we will promote activity)

Why Join ?

Why not join?  If you have never used 30 meters or digital modes you are in for a lot of fun with some great ops on this band.  
Oh yes, it's also FREE to join 30MDG!  

If you have and do use 30 meters and digital modes, then this can only add to a band you already know is a great band to work plus
have an added advantage of participating with others of like interests.  

Some other reasons to join this Group:
It is FREE! This site is supported by donations only, no Group fees, no hoops to jump - join and have fun on the band.

If you have never explored or used 30 Meters then there is no better time than now to explore - this group is dedicated to the
30 Meter Digital band.

If you are a seasoned Digital Mode Operator using other bands like 20 or 40 meters and are looking for a virtually under used band
that has unique propagation qualities similar to  both 20 and 40 Meters, then don't skip over 30 meters!  You get the best of both
bands here on 30 Meters, be it local propagation to World-Wide DX (it is open somewhere 24/7)

New to digital modes?  We are  dedicated Digital Operators, so  join, look around and ask questions- then get on the band!

Not sure where to find 30 Meter Digital activity?  This Group is dedicated to promoting and increasing digital activity on our digital
only HF band ( U.S).  There will be postings of known 30 Meter activities and events so please join in (if you tried in the past on 30
Meters with little results on digital modes then please note, the band has increased in activity since 2007!)

Don't like Contest Weekends, then join in on this NO CONTEST 30 Meter WARC band as there is plenty of room to have some
very nice qso's/ragchews or work some DX while others are scrambling for a clear spot on other crowded bands with sometimes, poor
operating practices.

30 Meters ( in the U.S. and in some other Countries) is the only HF Digital ONLY band, so it certainly makes sense to use and promote
digital activity on this Digital ONLY band.

'30 Meters is the Energizer Bunny Band' - join in because this band just keeps going and going!  30 Meters is open somewhere
and has propagation from local to World Wide DX - ALL stations are welcome.

** Please remember, we are secondary users of the 30 Meter Band **